WordpressA few people have been reading this website and asked me what is a WordPress website? Well, put as simply as possible WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. OK, so that wasn’t as simple as possible, let me try and explain a little more.

WordPress is a free to use download, it’s a series of files that need to be installed on a webserver. As of January 2018, it’s a fact that WordPress was used by more than 29% of the top 10 million websites in the world. That means it’s a very useful tool, and is easy to use.

Once the WordPress files are downloaded, and then uploaded onto a webserver with a registered domain, you can install it to run using PHP and MySQL, which is simply a database. The database holds the WordPress information, and the webserver holds the images and files in place.
The beauty of wordpress is the easy to use dashboard. I provide all of my clients with a “how to” document if they want to add news and information to their website themselves, it’s very simple to blog using a wordpress website, and you can even publish from an app on your smartphone or tablet.
When everything comes together you get a website like this one, or any variety you like. WordPress has many themes which are easy to use, and you can create literally any type of website you desire.

So if you contact me and I say, we’ll be using a wordpress website, just think that you’ll be joining millions of other users in having a quality website running on a great CMS.
As a designer I will tweak your website to match whatever you like, and my monthly management fee includes all your hosting, security and updates, leaving you to run your business, and of course blog from the comfort of your sofa, if you so desire.